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Hello, Shalom - Let's go!

After being confined indoors for a great many months in New York and in Tel Aviv (thank you Coronavirus), we truly feel that our freedom has been lost. We understand this is a definite exaggeration but when you live and breathe moving about the world bringing unique experiences to people it absolutely feels that way.

Cultours is all about uniting two of the things we love most—people and the world we live in. How can we do that when travel isn’t as accessible as it once was?

Well, bless technology! Here’s our new blog!

We may not be able to always take you there physically as we are used to doing, but we most certainly can bring many of our cherished destinations, people and even flavors to you. When things return to normal - albeit a new normal – we will meet again, face to face.

Can’t wait!

Our first destination - Hamatsesa

We all know of the paradox in agriculture where tons of viable fruits and vegetables go to waste just because they are not picture perfect and are deemed “unmarketable”. Out of this realization and a desire to avoid needless waste, Hamatsesa was born. Owner and operator Tomer Tzur grew up with a very special grandmother who taught him that agriculture and nature were key elements in our existence. This ideal led him and his team to their love affair with fruit processing in 2013 while they were working in the fields in nearby Tzuba Kibbutz. They used their extensive experience and much trial and error to create this artisan fruit processing house which is a prime example of sustainable agriculture.

Hamatsesa utilizes only locally sourced fruits to produce the highest quality of apple and pear juice, alcoholic ciders, jams and vinegars - all made from 100% real fruit, with no artificial flavors, scents or preservatives added.

Nestled within the Jerusalem mountains, the factory is only a 35-minute car ride from the center of the city. This beautiful area with its abundant nature and hiking trails is largely overlooked by the tourists who flood the city throughout the year. Hamatsesa is not open to the public on a regular basis but that doesn't mean you can’t enjoy their delicious products through their website or on an exclusive visit with us to one of the many bars and speciality shops. Truly not to be missed!

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