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Beautiful view of Jamaica

Cultours’ “Flavas” of Jamaica

April / May

Wander through Kingston’s bustling Papine Market. Savor a meal prepared exclusively for our group by one of Jamaica’s top chefs. Enjoy Montego Bay’s colorful shops and restaurants. Sample the very best of Jamaican jerk cuisine. Taste some of the world’s most exclusive coffees.

Explore Jamaica
like few tourists have. 

Discover the aromas, sights, and sounds of Jamaica, hand in hand with locals who will show you its secret wonders.

Jamaica is the third largest island nation in the Caribbean, and the birthplace of rum, reggae music, and a wealth of indigenous flora and fauna. Its storied colonial past has made way for a thriving culinary scene, where international flavors meld together to create a gastronomic tour de force. Join Cultours in this nine day journey, where we’ll experience Jamaica’s historical, architectural, political, and natural wonders through a culinary lens. 

Appleton Estate Jamaica Rum

Highlights include:

  • Walking through the Blue Mountain Range, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which boasts Jamaica’s highest point. 

  • Indulging in 3 exquisite meals prepared by leading Jamaican chefs including a welcome dinner in Kingston, a gourmet farm to table lunch in St. Ann Parish and an interactive dinner and demo in Montego Bay.

  • Seeing how rum is made (and tasting it, of course) at Appleton Estate, located in the Nassau Valley.  

  • Visiting Sh'ar Shalom Synagogue, one of only five remaining sand floor synagogues in the world. 

  • Hopping aboard a canoe and paddling to Floyd’s Pelican Bar for dinner and drinks. 

  • Bathing in the seven natural waterfalls at YS Falls, one of the country’s natural treasures.

  • Savoring Devon House’s world-famous ice cream. 

Our Jamaican journey will start and finish off the beaten path. You’ll explore adventurous terrain, taste mouthwatering flavors, and see Jamaica through the eyes of locals. At Cultours, we’re passionate about exploring the world and its hidden adventures. We don’t just travel to Jamaica; we fully discover it.

Jamaica beach

Trip Details

Duration: 9 full days and 9 nights (excluding travel time to meeting location),

What’s Included:

  • Accommodations at unique hotels, 4* and above

  • Transport to/from airport and throughout the trip in a comfortable, air conditioned bus

  • 2 meals a day as per itinerary

  • Gratuity for all local service providers

  • Entrance fees to all sites and activities listed in itinerary

  • Contribution to the Moore Town Maroon Village community

  • Complimentary activity of the participant's choice on day 9 of the trip

  • Donation to Shaar Shalom Synagogue on behalf of the group

Profile photo of Melissa Stephenson

Melissa Stephenson

Who am I?

Formerly Jamaica’s Media Attaché to the United Nations, and Information and Cultural Attaché at The Consulate General of Jamaica in New York, I also served the Jamaica Information Service where I was responsible for 33 states in the USA and Bermuda. 

I am currently a public relations consultant in New York City and I have the pleasure of working primarily with culinary creatives—chefs, food television, and gastronomy-centric publications.

I get very excited about anything that relates to food, travel, music, and learning about different people. Each trip is an opportunity to share experiences in ways that are meaningful, genuine, stimulating, and, yes, delicious! While I have settled in New York, Jamaica will always have my heart. I look forward to sharing its magic with you. 


Liat Gilead Toledano

Who am I?

I am a travel enthusiast, master organizer, and extrovert who loves meeting new people. 

Many years ago, I referred to myself as a ‘citizen of the world.’ Pretentious? Yes. But also somewhat accurate. My globetrotting started at age 4, when I was an unaccompanied minor traveling from Tel Aviv on my way to Caracas, Venezuela via Amsterdam. This early trip, and many others like it, forced me to embrace new experiences and helped me understand the world in a different way. Travel pushed me to become independent—in the best ways possible.

Profile photo of Liad Gilead

Over the past 20 years I finished my M.A. at NYU, and worked in project management, event production, and philanthropy. Throughout this time, I have had the great privilege of traveling both for business and pleasure, and assisting friends and family in their travel plans.

I am passionate about exploring new places and discovering their hidden treasures, and sharing these unique finds with others.  

View of Jamaica

Why I Chose Jamaica

The Caribbean has always held a special significance for me. My mother, being from Venezuela, introduced me to the region at an early age. In my mind, the area is synonymous with pristine beaches and the friendliest of people. Jamaica came into my heart during graduate school, when I met my dear friend and now colleague, Mel. Originally from Jamaica, she led the way on my first trip to the country and showed me that it was far more than just sandy beaches and reggae music. Jamaica embodies so many of the things I cherish most: abundant nature, history and culture, delicious food and beautiful people—inside and out.


I am passionate about exploring new places, discovering their hidden treasures, and sharing these moments with others. I hope you’ll join us on this unique exploration of a magical island.


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