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Boats in Jamaica

About Cultours 


There’s following a tour guide and then there’s experiencing a journey. Our unique itineraries are designed to help you create special connections with new places and people. Planned carefully with locals, our one of a kind journeys will truly allow you to immerse yourself in amazing new cities, villages, and natural landscapes.

Taste delicious local cuisine. Wander through scenery that no camera can capture. Enjoy interacting with new communities with a local at your side. Cultours organizes itineraries that marry nature and culture in unforgettable encounters. If you detest tourist traps, have a passion for mouthwatering flavors, and crave authentic experiences, traveling with Cultours is for you. 

From sampling some of the world’s most exclusive coffees in Jamaica, to smelling a rainbow-colored array of spices at one of Tel Aviv’s food markets, we take pride in providing incredible trips that are inspired by our love of the world and its hidden adventures.

Liat Gilead Toledano

Owner, Adventurer and Citizen of the World

I am a travel enthusiast, master organizer, and extrovert who loves meeting new people.

Many years ago, I referred to myself as a ‘citizen of the world.’ Pretentious? Yes. But also somewhat accurate. My globetrotting started at age 4, when I was an unaccompanied minor traveling from Tel Aviv on my way to Caracas, Venezuela, via Amsterdam. This early trip, and many others like it, forced me to embrace new experiences, made me understand the world in a different way, and pushed me to become independent.

Liat Gilead in Florentine, Tel Aviv

Launching Cultours - The Adventure of a Lifetime

In 2020, with the start of a new decade, I decide to follow my dream and launch Cultours. It is borne of love, but also of experience. My professional career has shown me that some of my greatest strengths are my meticulous planning skills, my ability to facilitate great experiences, and my knack for thinking outside of the box. The company for me is a dream come true and it gives me the opportunity to unite two of the things I love most—people and the world we live in. 

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