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Cultours Custom Itineraries

Travel with Purpose

Your dates. Your interests. Your choices. 

Our planning and expertise.

Why choose custom private itineraries?


Choose what you want to do, on your kinda schedule. Enjoy jam-packed days and late nights? We can do that. Prefer to sleep in or wake up with the sun? Veggie, vegan, keto - no problem. On a custom tour, we can build the itinerary to match your preferences and your needs. And we can be spontaneous during the trip - taking advantage of sudden opportunities that come up as we go! 



Travel how you want, with the people you want by your side, be it family, other couples or friends you choose. We can schedule private tours of popular sites and reserve rooms in smaller, more intimate accommodations. Enjoy quiet moments with those closest to you, off-the-beaten track and away from throngs of tourists. 

Specific Interests

Build an itinerary around what interests you. If you love fine dining and wine tours, we’ll be sure to schedule them. Want to delve into history and explore museums? We can arrange for guided tours and make sure you hit all the best ones. Whether it’s extreme sports or swing dancing, our experts will include the activities you love most.


Design your own private Cultours journey

Throwing yourself into the unknown and confronting the unexpected is a meaningful experience for any traveler, but we understand that it is just one of many. Perhaps your real desire is to experience the history, visit the nightclubs, taste the native cuisine or explore the natural wonders of the area. How about the history and nature, but no dancing or fancy restaurants?

Wherever you go on this vast planet of ours, there is an abundance of different experiences to be had, and you’ll naturally gravitate toward some more than others. At Cultours, we thoroughly enjoy helping you pursue personalized tours so you can see and do exactly what interests you. 

See and Do It, Your Way

Let us design your customized itinerary, and then you can choose to embark on your journey independently, meet our experts for portions of your adventure, or be escorted from start to finish by one of our savvy travel directors.

Either way, our expertise will help you find what you desire most. What do we guarantee? An unforgettable trip designed to fit your passions, personality and budget.

Email us at, call us or even send a pigeon if you’ve got one. We’ll put you in touch with one of our travel specialists to start planning your personalized experience.  

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Types of journeys we can curate:

  • Adventure

  • Architecture

  • Archaeology 

  • Culinary

  • Culture

  • History

  • Remote Work

  • Off-site Team Building Activities

  • Volunteerism

  • Weddings, Honeymoons, Anniversaries 

  • Wellness & Artist retreats

Start Planning Your Adventure!

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