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Energy, Movement, Life - Pinto Pottery

“My work embodies energy and movement, I find beauty in the organic richness of form and feel. My joy in the process comes from making a piece perfectly, emphasizing the asymmetry, embracing my touch and celebrating the uniqueness in each piece.”

David Pinto

Jamaican artist David Pinto’s studio is housed on the Good Hope Estate, in the verdant hills overlooking the town of Falmouth.

Pinto Pottery as it is known, was founded in 1992 and the distinctive, treasured pieces created there have graced many private and public spaces the world over.

A graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design, David has staged exclusive art residencies in Jamaica, Japan, Nepal and the United States and continues to create celebrated exhibitions globally.

In addition, he also serves as an external examiner for the renowned Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts in the Ceramics and Sculpture departments respectively.

David is a man known for his immense warmth and sense of humor as much as for his singular talent. It is no surprise then that his weekly pottery classes are booked well in advance or that Pinto’s annual international workshop has brought many prominent artists to Jamaica’s shores to participate in the 8-day intensive. The latest iteration is slated for May 17-26, 2023.

During this annual workshop, David explained that they create “wood fired magic”.

“We fire the wood kiln only once a year when we have a team of fire masters. The last firing was 60 hours, putting wood in every few minutes through the days and nights. At first wood is added very carefully [so as] not to let the temperature rise too fast and later we burn 5 or 10 pieces every few minutes, following a very precise rhythm to encourage the desired effects. At over 2,300˚ F and 1300 ˚C, the wood ash swirling through the kiln reacts with the raw clay and forms extraordinary natural glazes. If pieces are glazed, the wood ash dramatically affects the glaze.”

No matter when you go, a visit to Pinto Pottery remains one of the most special experiences for art lovers and visitors looking to acquire an exquisite, artisan created gift - a literal piece of this glorious island.

For those unable to visit in person please contact David directly as the gallery will gladly courier island wide as well as to those based internationally. Custom orders are also accepted.

Pinto Pottery


IG: @PintoPottery

Photos : Azi Libovicka for Cultours IG:


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