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Cultours: There’s following a tour guide and then there’s experiencing a journey.


Traveling should be more than just a vacation.

Cultours takes pride in providing incredible trips inspired by our love of the world and its hidden adventures.

Our unique itineraries are designed to help you connect with new places and people. And because there’s no replacement for authentic experiences, each trip is planned together with locals so you can see, taste, smell and experience places that few tourists ever find.

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For our knowledgeable and dedicated guides


By travelers who hate tourist traps


For creative itineraries that take you where no one else goes

Alton Bedward, Master Coffee Roaster

Alton Bedward - Master Roaster

Led by Locals

We’ll travel down hidden roads most tour companies miss, dine with locals at amazing food stalls and marvel at hidden natural wonders. We’ll also attend exclusive food events with renowned chefs.

At Cultours, we don’t do guidebooks. We design once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

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Upcoming Trips

Israel dessert

Explore Israel’s bustling cities, incredible culinary scene, picturesque beaches, and pristine nature.


October / November 2021

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Group tour in Shuk Levinksy

Why Travel with Cultours?

No matter where you travel, you’ll receive the level of professionalism and service that Cultours is known for.

Professional, attentive fast service

Small Groups

Expert Local Guides

Unique Itineraries

Custom Tours in Israel & Jamaica

Cultours owner, Liat Gilead, has spent her life travelling the world, beginning with her first solo international flight to Venezuela at age 6! A native Israeli, she has spent long weeks and months exploring South America and Jamaica as well. She has a gift for unearthing local secrets and little-known spots. Whether you’re a foodie, history buff, or visiting Israel on a pilgrimage, Liat will create a customized itinerary designed just for you.

Tel Aviv beach

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